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Who are The Dobre Twin’s? Family, Relationship, Net Worth & Income

Dobre Twins bio

The Dobre Twin on social media consists of two brothers, Lucas and Marcus. The two twins are well-known YouTubers who came to light on a video platform called Vine. Since their popularity on Tik Tok and YouTube, the pair has garnered several millions of subscribers who get entertained watching their dance, comedy, and prank videos. Interestingly, the duo has managed to collaborate with some successful personalities like Jake Paul. With the large social media following, it is appropriate to share some of the twin’s care details like:

NamesLucas Dobre
Marcus Dobre
Date of BirthJanuary 28, 1999
Age (as of 2022) 23 Years
Place of BirthMaryland, United States of America

Career and Big Achievements

The twins were born to Boz Mofid and retired Olympic gymnast, Aurelia Dobre in Maryland 23 years ago. This pair has made tremendous progress career-wise by garnering over 24 million subscribers on YouTube and over 30.4 million followers on TikTok.

Lucas and Marcus started their YouTube channel back in 2015 and commenced uploading many videos, including pranks, challenges, comedy, and more. However, their popular video was “Gymnastics in Grocery Store” which has millions of views. Their YouTube and TikTok accounts stand out to be the best on both platforms because of their popularity.

While the duo was on Vine, they had started a collaboration with Vine star Jake Paul which resulted in their inclusion in his original Team 10 collaborative house in Los Angeles. This inclusion had a positive impact on their YouTube following despite the twins leaving the team. Besides the social media accounts, the Dobre Twins have embraced the traditional forms of media because they once appeared on Disney Channel, “Bizaardvark”.

Additionally, the twins have also collaborated with AT&T in their Late Haters Campaign. This was a campaign across all the social media platforms and aimed at discouraging people from using negative messages and bullying in the online space. Later, Lucas and Marcus participated in We Day which was held at Madison Square Garden, in an attempt to encourage teens to make a difference in their communities. Interestingly, the twins can sing and have released many songs like “Bumpin”. This saw them get signed by the Creative Artists Agency and get nominated for several awards in 2018, like “Streamy Awards”.

The Dobre Twins Family

The Dobre twins were born to the former Olympic gymnast, Aurelia Dobre and her husband Boz Mofid. Their parents possess and manage a Gymnastic Academy in Gaithersburg where the two were brought up. Lucas and Marcus have two elder brothers, Cyrus and Darius, whom they have incorporated in their videos and are recently working together. The twins currently reside in Los Angeles but often create time for their family back in Maryland.

Family portrait of Dobre Family
Family Portrait of Dobre Family

The Dobre Twins Girlfriends

When it comes to celebrities, it is crucial to look at their love life. Lucas is dating an Instagram personality and model named Ivanita Lomeli.

However, the other twin (Marcus) remains single and hasn’t hinted anything concerning his relationship.

The Dobre Twins Salary and Net Worth

The Dobre twins together with their two elder brothers have an estimated net worth of $20 million. This amount is huge, why are they this rich? The twins have a massive fan base on their YouTube channels which often pay on the viewership and advertising. Their YouTube channel generates an income estimated at around $9, 0000 daily and $3.3 million annually. However, this isn’t the only source of income as they have a huge following on other social media accounts like TikTok.

The Dobre Twin’s Cars and Houses

The duo together with their elder brothers unveiled a YouTube channel called Dobre Cars. They commenced this channel because of the cars they own. Interestingly, all the brothers do car challenges in their primary YouTube account and have the best collection of supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Latest Video from Dobre Cars

Back in 2017, Marcus was gifted a Nissan GTR and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS by his twin brother. Later the same year, he surprised his brother Lucas by gifting him a new Ferrari 488 GTB. The twins own a beautiful house in Washington D.C and often make their videos here.

In short, the Dobre twins are amazing and it is fun watching their videos on any social platform. Interestingly the duo is paid for every fun activity they undertake like dancing and creating skits. This is a good inspiration to all young people to utilize the resources they have.

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