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Who Was MO3?- Reason of Death, Net Worth, Family & Bio

MO3 reason of death

Dallas rapper by name M03 came from the city’s Northside and had snapshots that are honest and unflinching on the street life. He had a slow-burning and booming lifestyle. He met with the streetwise lyrics on different kinds of projects such as Shottaz 3.0 and 4 Indictments. After he collaborated in 2020 with Boosie Badazz, He was shot and killed in the same year. Until his death, his career had been growing rapidly.

When Did MO3 Die

MO3 died at the age of 28 years after he was killed on 11, November 2020. He was driving in Dallas on Interstate 35 where another driver was following him. He crashed on the roadside where he tried escaping by foot but was unfortunately shot in the head back using an unidentified gunman. There is a person who witnessed the incident but was also shot and taken to hospital where treatment was administered on the threatening non-life injuries. Up to date, there is no nay person who has been charged as a result of the deadly shooting. Besides, the police have not yet recognized the suspect. There are many of his supporters who came to Dallas City Hall on Friday and passed their condolences and tributes on different social media-related platforms.

Reason of MO3’s Death

M03 is also called Melvin Noble. He was shot and killed in an effect that police call a “brazen attack” which occurred in a broad daylight. He was rushed to the Methodist hospital from where he died because of the blood coming from his wounds. It is said that White fled from this specific scene and later traveled northbound.

Who was MO3

Melvin Noble is a man who is also known as Mo3. He was born in 1992 on 31, May. He was born under the Gemini zodiac sign and also had the American Nationality. His background was rough just like in the case of other different rappers. Though he would often talk of the difficulties he faced in his early life, he did not like talking too much about his childhood life. His mother was abandoned by their father and he was thus brought up by a single mother. There are times they had to survive with little and no amount of money at all. At a time, they lacked somewhere to sleep, survived on noodles, and even slept hungrily. When they slept on the patios, they had to ask the cafes and inside bars to charge their phones. It is because of all these struggles that Mo3 was focused on the writing of lyrics.

He started writing different lyrics while in high school but never had books. His classmates would often make fun of him because he would wear old clothing. However, the laughter never bothered him at all. His job helped him assist his mother financially and thus later graduated from high school. He had a unique focus on this rap career and thus was not concerned with upgrading studies in college.

MO3’s Family, Relationships, Kids

By the time of his demise, Mo3 had desired three children. While interviewed by Flaunt magazine, he said that the song which pleased him most is Boosie BadAzz who was his frequent collaborator. There is no single time that Mo3 revealed the women who sired these kids. However, he loved sharing the kid’s photos both on Instagram and Facebook.

MO3’s Net Worth

Mo3 who was an American famous recording artist has $1 Million net worth in estimations. Most of this money came from social media accounts and YouTube videos. He had a big boost on his money in 2015 after the release of the ‘Rain’ album. During an interview, he said that his music was truthful of his younger life and his mother was struggling to feed them. He acknowledged that their mother would hardly pay their rent or even buy them meals.

His songs ‘Hold Ya Tongue’ and ‘Gangsta Love’ helped in the generation of eleven million views only on YouTube. Also, Mo3 got a co-sign which came from Li Ronny Dorrough and the favorite Boosie Badazz music. Mainly, his earnings got the biggest shot from the ‘Hurt My Feelings’ and ‘4 Indictment’ mixtapes.

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