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Who Was MF Doom?- Reason of Death, Family, Relationships, Net Worth & Bio

MF Doom bio

Daniel Dumile, also known as MF Doom was a British-American rapper born in July 13, 1971. He was considered a major figure in the underground hip hop. In fact, he remains one of the most celebrated musicians even after his death.

MF Doom is popular for a song he released in 1999 named Operation. After this song, he decided to adopt an unmasked public appearances. The celebrated American musician released four albums between 2003 and 2005. MF Doom spent most of his life in the United States of America but he never applied for full American citizenship.

Surprisingly, the hip hop artist was denied entry when he came back from an international tour. He thought he would be allowed to enter the country because he had lived in the United States of America for many years. That’s when he decided to relocate to London. Prior to his death, MF Doom collaborated with other famous musicians.

When Did MF Doom Die?

The renowned member of the underground hip hop group died in October 31, 2020 aged 49 years. The cause of his death was not provided. His death was only announced on social media platform. As per his wife, Jasmine, MF Doom died a strange death. It is worth noting that MF Doom’s death was like an intentional to his fans which was quite similar to his impostors. He died in London, United Kingdom.

Reason for MF Doom’s Death

The actual cause of death is not known till today. When the death news were first released to the public through an Instagram post, Jasmine did not disclose the reason why MF died. The cause of his death remains a secret since the rapper passed away in October 31, 2020.

Who was MF Doom?

Born in 1971, Doom started his music career as a teenager. By then, he was in the famous hip hop group KMD. He was the pioneer member of the group together with his brother. Interestingly, the group managed to release several hits among them being Mr. Hood.

Unfortunately, his brother died from a car accident in 1993. Following the death of his brother, MF Doom disappeared from public life. He shot back to the public limelight in late 1990s. At this point, he performed while wearing a stocking on his face. Since then, the rapper has been known to adopt strange anonymity.

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MF Doom released several hits and beat compilations in 1999. His intellect and creativity outpaced his competitors around him. Black Bastards was a controversial album. This was the main reason for the group being dropped by the label because they could not withstand the song merit.

MF Doom collaborated with several artists like Madlib. Together, they released a dense record which is still regarded as an endurance of medium rap. The record showed the rapper interests in creating metaphors on snacks and food.

The informed Islam was raised by his Muslims parents. In his young years, MF Doom was taught pan-African history such as Marcus Garvey. He often used these lessons to impact his peers positively.

MF Doom Family Relationships and Kids

The British born rapper was married to Jasmine. The couple had two children. His wife Jasmine described MF Doom as a father, a student, lover and a great friend. One of his kids was born in February 22, 2003 but he tragically died in 2017 at age 14. His father was of Zimbabwe origin while his mother was a Trinidadian. The family eulogized their son as that friend they would struggle to live without.

MF Doom Net Worth and Possessions

It is alleged that MF Doom had an estimated wealth of $1 million. This is a clear indication that the artist was not far from achieving his life goals. MF Doom made most of his wealth through songs and endorsements. His many views on YouTube and other social media platforms may have contributed to his net worth during his career. The inimitable figure of the hip hop industry is said to have ventured in other ventures such as real estate.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that the underground British-American artist had a successful career as a musician. His success began when he was still collaborating with his late brother in early 1990s.

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