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Pat Patterson’s Partner Louie Dondero: Career, Bio, Net Worth & Death

Louis Dondero net worth

Louie Dondero was a wrestler known as a long-term partner to his fellow wrestler, Pat Patterson. These two had been together for 40 years before Louie died on June 28, 1998. Louie died of a heart attack. Pat Patterson and Louie Dondero met in Boston in 1962. Pat had come to Boston to wrestle, and since then, the two had been together until the untimely demise of Louie Dondero. Their union was one of the successful unions of wrestlers. Louie Dondero helped teach Pat English as he was new in the United States.

Louie Donero & Patt Patterson

A lot about Louie Dondero was not known, and since he died in the 1990s, there is not much left about his personal life. Louie Dondero was born on November 5, 1938, and died of a heart attack on June 28, 1998. He was a long-term partner to Pat Patterson for 40 years. On June 19, 1941, Pat Patterson was born in Canada and died on December 2, 2020. Pat was 79 years when he died of cancer at Miami Hospital. These two came out as gay in the 1970s but were known to the world in 2014 after Pat publicly admitted to being gay and how he misses Louie.

Pat Patterson was born in a French-speaking family in the Ville-Marie borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He began to train as a professional wrestler at the age of 14. There is not much information on where Louie Dondero was born. Pat Patterson met Louie Dondero in Boston in the early 1960s. When Patterson arrived in the United States, Louie taught him English because he was only speaking his native language, French. Their meeting looks like fate based on their long-term relationship. There is a possibility that these two could still be together if not for the untimely death of Louie Dondero. Dondero was born, raised and he also died in the United States.

Louie Donero’s Career and Net Worth

Louie Dondero was a professional wrestler. It is believed that Louie was doing well in his wrestling career before his death. Louie Dondero’s partner, Pat, was a professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer. The successful career of both wrestlers made them lead a comfortable lifestyle. The net worth of Pat at the time of his death was $10 million.

Early Life Family & Relationships

Louie Dondero and Pat Patterson were together for 40 years. They had a happy relationship before the death of Louie. After Louie died, Pat did not introduce another partner to the public. There could be a possibility that he stayed single, holding onto the memories of his departed partner. Pat said that Louie Dondero had an amazing family with whom he is still friends in an interview. There is no information on the parents of Louie Dondero, or the name of his siblings.

There is not much that is said on Louie Dondero’s early years. The only fact that there is that he was a professional wrestler. Louie was the companion of a deceased celebrity. These two had a strong relationship with no signs of complications but mutual love and affection.

Louie Dondero could be a mysterious person, or he was just overshadowed by his partner Pat Patterson. Pat and Louie met in the early 1960s in Boston. That is all we know about Louie’s wrestling career. His partner is known to have won the first WWE Intercontinental Championship. He was also a WWE creative consultant and producer of professional wrestling shows.

Wrap Up

Although there is not much information on the career of Louie Dondero, it is believed that he was a great wrestler. If it were not for the heart attack, maybe he would have lived to attain many achievements just like his partner, Pat Patterson. His death in 1998 was before the digital era, and his information might have been lost. As time goes by, there might be a chance that more information on Louie Dondero will come into existence.

One thing is certain, Louie Dondero is missed by many, and his legacy will live on to the next generations. Both Louie Dondero and his partner Pat Patterson are not in this world, but they will be in people’s memories for their outstanding wrestling careers.

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