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Who Was Ketchy the Great? Reason of Death, Net Worth, Career & Bio

Ketchy the Great bio

Ketchy the Great was a rapper who was based in LA. He was widely known as a Stinc team member which also had Ralfy the Plug and Drakeo the Ruler. His real name was Jameon Davis though his age has not yet been confirmed up to date.

He was arrested in 2018 after he was involved in the spray paint of graffiti. His sentence was long since the Stinc Team was referred to as a gang on District Attorney in Los Angeles County.

While alive, he was in a solo mixtape known as Free Sauce whose release took place in 2019. Besides, the mixtape featured Shoreline Mafi and 03 Greedo. In the interview conducted to him by PALM podcast, Ketchy the Great said that his music become more popular while he was locked up. He said it is while in prison that he learned how his fans loved him and thus felt indebted to continue giving them high-quality music at all times.

When did Ketchy the Great die?

There is no official statement that was given regarding this. It was Pitchfork who was the first person to pass the Ketchy the Great demise news and said he dies under unknown circumstances. Many people were devastated following his demise. As a result, there was different kinds of emotional tributes which were poured on the late rapper on social media from both the fellow rappers and other fans.

At the same time, Drakeo the ruler who was a fellow rapper said his death occurred after he was hit in a random car accident. Later, he gave the Ketchy photo which had the caption, “Long Live Ketchy the Great.”

Also, Otto Biz Markie who was a fellow rapper sent his tribute ‘RIP Ketchy the Great. You were the brightest of all AL talents in the past five years. You have a razor blade growl and a voltage of 1000 watts and there is no time you never stole the track – Your promise was at a time undercut by DA plot and led to the persecution of the Stinc team. It is an unspeakable loss.’

There is a person who had met the rapper recently before his demise and he wrote, ‘You were so cool and welcoming. Rest in peace Ketchy the Great.’

Another said, ‘Rest in Peace Ketchy the Great. I heard of you first at the street album of Wolf the Grape. Right now LA is mourning.’

Reason of Ketchy the Great’s Death

Rapper’s death news emerged on Tuesday morning after his involvement in a car accident. Besides, Ketchy’s management gave the news about his demise. Biz Markie gave his tribute whereby he said “RIP Ketchy the Great.”

Who was Ketchy the Great?

Ketchy The Great had his real name as Jameon Davis. He came to fame under the rap scene of the LA’s underground. Besides, he worked on different projects which has other Stinc members such as Ralfy the Plug and Drakeo the Ruler.

Besides being a Stinc team member, he was as well a soloist artist. Also, He had started his own YouTube channel. In 2017, he introduced the breakout single called ‘If I Go Broke. The most recent single is the one he had a collabo together with Drakeo known as ‘For Real.’

Ketchy the Great’s Family, Relationships, Kids

Ketchy the Great is a man who lived a low-key life in terms of exposing much about his private life. As a result, it is not known when he was exactly born. Similarly, his parental details are unknown since there is no time he got to discuss his parents. It is also unknown if he had a girlfriend, was married, or even had children.

Ketchy the Great’s Net worth

It is said that Ketchy the Great have had a luxurious lifestyle and good fortunes in his life. His rapping career was successful, particularly in American Music Industry.

He was featured in different songs by his fellow teams Stinc members such as Ralfy the Plug and Drakeo. His involvement in different songs just shows how well he had been embraced in the music World. However, there is no specific information that reveals Ketchy the Great overall net worth and his overall earnings.

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