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Cody Rigsby: Height, Age, Boyfriend, Income, Net Worth, House

Cody Rigsby net worth, age, height

Cody Rigsby is a celebrated Fitness instructor and Dancer and has numerous followers on her social profiles. Here, you will get to know every care detail about Cody like; family, relationship, net worth income, and many more details.

Besides her prowess in dancing, he is an awesome cycling instructor and often regards himself as a mindful athlete. On Instagram, Cody has a verified account with over 923,000 followers who enjoy amazing fitness tips and instructions. Interestingly, his fans have more interactive time since he spends most of his time online.

For insight about Cody Rigsby, here are some of his details:

NameCody Rigsby
Date of BirthJune 8, 1987
BoyfriendAndres Alfaro

Who is Cody Rigsby?

Rigsby was born on 8th June 1987, thirty-four years ago, in California, United States. At an earlier age, he attended free ballet classes at a community before starting his career as a professional.

Cody describes himself as a mindful athlete and opinionated Homosexual. Dancing is Cody’s favorite because he kick-started dancing earlier as a Dance teacher in his home area, North Carolina.

In 2010, he moved to New York City where he participated in an internship program at Broadways Dance Center. Later, Rigsby worked as a bar dancer in various bars in New York and worked for Victoria’s Fashion Show.

Cody Rigsby Family

From his birth dates, Cody has a Zodiac sign, Gemini, and was born in a Caucasian family. He can be classified as a Christian when it comes to religion. Talking about his family, he was raised by a single mother, Cindy Rigsby. On the other hand, little is known about his siblings since there is not much information provided about his family.

Cody Rigsby Career and Achievements

As a professional dancer, Cody has had a lot of places to showcase his prowess. With his versatile experience, he danced in projects including Katy Perry, a celebrated country musician, Nicki Minaj, SNL, and ELLE Magazine.

Amazingly, Cody works for a fitness company, Peloton, where he works as an instructor. This company was a recommendation from his friend because it pays 150 dollars a class. Peloton has other celebrated personalities besides Cody like Alex Toussaint, and Ally Love. At Peloton, he works as a director in cycling, a job he loves most because fitness is involved.

Last year, as a fitness enthusiast, he made himself a name because the number of classes had doubled in Peloton since many people were quarantining. Despite the company benefiting from the surge in time for Peloton bikes, Cody also benefited financially.

Cody is often regarded as the main face of the Peloton brand and even confused for being the owner. Most followers love his unique style of entertaining when it comes to workouts, unlike his colleagues. Cody’s achievements have been depicted through his role in the season “Dancing With the Stars”.

Cody Rigsby Boyfriend

Cody Rigsby Boyfriend

Currently, Cody Rigsby is in a relationship with Andres Alfaro, a fitness instructor from Barry’s Bootcamp. The two met in 2018 before making the relationship public in early 2020.

Both Cody and Andres actively support the LGBTQ+ community as evident from Cody’s post about gay rights. After going public about their relationship, the duo has been posting their sweet moments on their Instagram accounts. However, the pictures they post communicate more about their love despite the short captions.

Cody Rigsby Net worth & Income

Talking about income, Cody Rigsby has earned a large amount of money as an instructor at Peloton and from his social platforms. However, he hasn’t disclosed either his income or expenses in public but sources reveal that his net worth is around $8 million. Given his social media presence, he has garnered a lot of followers and fans whom he easily connects with.

Cody Rigsby House and Cars

Cody is a new homeowner having purchased a penthouse apartment in Williamsburg, this is according to the New York Post. The two-bedroom with two-bathrooms has a beautiful open-plan living room among other exciting features.

Sum Up

In short, this fitness guru is a passionate professional who tries at all means to entertain his followers and fans as they work out. Before fame and after fame, Cody has maintained his professionalism as witnessed by his progress career-wise. Despite many gay celebrities fearing to come out on their sexuality, Cody stands out to be the opposite. In case you want to get more information about Cody Rigsby, you can check his social media platforms.

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