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Who Was 6 Dogs?- Reason of Death, Family, Relationship, Net Worth & Bio

6 Dogs net worth

Rapper 6 Dogs was born in Georgia in 1999 and raised in a Christian family. 6 Dogs started rapping as a teenager. However, he kept his tracking a secret because his mother was extremely religious. In late 2016, he decided to upload a few songs on SoundCloud. One of his most famous songs, Flossing went viral.

6 Dogs could not hide his rising fame in music world from his mother. As a result, his mother grounded him immediately.

When Did 6 Dogs Die and Where?

6 Dogs was found dead in Atlanta on January 26, 2021. Although the cause of his death is still unknown, it is suspected that he committed suicide. According to his mother, 6 Dogs committed suicide days after contracting COVID-19. Post-mortem revealed that he had severe headache before his actual death.

The underground rap star was reported to have struggled with mental health months before he died. In a tweet released in November 2020, 6 Dogs claimed that friends in the music world need a regular check-up too as they might be suffering. One of his songs stresses on suicide and depression. This is a clear indication he was not happy with his lifestyle and his mother decision to ground him indefinitely.

At one time, he asked his followers especially those who had suicidal thoughts to embrace their flaws and move on.

Reason for 6 Dogs Death

6 Dogs committed suicide in his home in Atlanta. In an interview, the celebrated rapper claimed that he did not love himself at one time. This made him turn into drugs to eliminate the negative feelings.

According to him, the main cause of severe depression was lacking an outlet. He told the interviewer that he felt doing something with his life. Although rapper 6 Dogs was positive to everyone, he was not positive to himself. He was not in good terms with his mother.

Who Was 6 Dogs?

Chase Amick popularly known as 6 Dogs was Atlanta born musical artist. The American celebrated and diseased rapper first shot to fame on SoundCloud. By the time he died, 6 Dogs had more than 170,000 followers on the platform. He managed to have breakthrough releases in his teens. The most popular song has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify and more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Chase or 6 Dogs is known by friends as that friend who always strive to influence others positively. Many people have praised him for influencing their lives positively. Friends and family members had shared unforgettable moments with him prior to his demise.

Unlike most rappers, 6 Dogs grew listening to Christian songs. That’s why his music is unique. In fact, he was not exposed to rap until he decided to create his own songs. In his young age, the rapper was recognized as a potential rapper by the underground rap community. His rising talent was praised by big names in the rap industry.

The unique raps draw heavily from instrumentals and rap beats. In this way, he has managed to stand unique from sad rap. His first song is called Demons in the A. The song was first released in 2017 and featured No Savage. This rap hit is different with other songs he released later in the years.

6 Dogs Family, Relationships and Kids

Chase Amick was born to his Christian mother and father. He had one sister whose name is not known by many. 6 Dogs died unmarried and he has no children.

6 Dogs Net Worth and Possessions

It is estimated that 6 Dogs had a net worth of $1 million. Before he died, he was earning decent income from his ever rising music videos. His thousands of followers across different social media platform propelled his career more so in YouTube where he earned most of his money.

For instance, 6 Dogs earned an estimated $70,000 in 2018. Although finances can’t top the chart, the fast growing musician had a great music career.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that the death of rapper 6 Digs had a great toll on present and future music. If he had received help on his mental health issues, 6 Dogs would still be making a great impact in the rapping world.

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